Case Study Rejection


Bummer. Just touched base with an individual who works for a financial services company — in the hopes that he would share some of his outsourcing project management advice with visitors. He says he's out of the public eye because of being burned by others in the media.

See, that's the problem with outsourcing. Companies do it — some well and some badly. Some firms totally disrupt the lives of their employees who are being affected by the outsourcing; others handle it incredibly well. Some managers end up costing shareholders millions in bad business decisions; others keep their organizations alive by effective strategies.

Yet so many companies don't want their names attached to the concept of "outsourcing," that it's tough to get solid advice from those who have been there, done that, gotten the logoed nerf ball. That's why it's so valuable to hear from others about the successes they've had — and how they've come about — and the failures they've experienced — and how they've gotten out.

Case studies are where it's at — when you can get 'em.