The Missing Link in CIO's Coverage


    The one problem I have with CIO’s latest “Outsourcing World Tour 2004,” which is otherwise highly informative, is that it doesn’t include a rundown on the U.S. among the countries covered. Since most companies in this country outsource to other companies in this country, it makes sense to evaluate this country as part of the comparison. To fill the gap, I offer my own write-up, though without access to the same sources used by the CIO editors:

    United States Leader

    Geopolitical risk: 1 ticking bomb

    English proficiency: 3 stars

    Average programmer salary: $$$

    Pros: Business-friendly environment, though some states are more attractive than others by varying standards. Excellent pool of engineering talent. Well-educated workforce. World-renowned universities. Diverse economy. Many multi-nationals headquartered here. English and a potpourri of other languages widely spoken. Everybody knows the time difference between the West coast and the East coast.

    Cons: Unions do silly things at times. Corporate integrity is tough to find at times. The hotbeds for technical genius are frequently also the most expensive places to live, work and hire.

    Insider tip: Offer the wages you’re willing to pay on the big tech job sites and you’re bound to find takers. After all, the citizenry is a creative, can-do lot!