The Outsourcing Professional


I'm of the belief that a new type of business/IT manager is coming into being. I call this individual the "outsourcing professional" for want of a better job title. These are the folks who make the outsourcing efforts work in their organizations day in and day out. If you find yourself for hours at a time managing the vendor relationship, evaluating the latest contract changes, communicating internally about what can and can't be done through the provider, meeting with corporate executives to explain how best to handle HR challenges, or similar tasks, then I'd say you are an outsourcing professional. That's the person this Website is intended for too.

More about this as time goes by, but I wanted to refer you to an interesting article by Isaac Cheifetz, an executive recruiter, who wrote "Managing an Outsourcing Career" for the Outsourcing Journal.

Two important points:

  • Even if you're the person who persuaded your company to sign on the dotted line for an outsourcing engagement, your work shouldn't end there. You need to prove you can manage the engagement too.
  • Peer networking's as important to your career opportunities as any particular successes you can relate on your resume.


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