The Mean and Median of IT Outsourcing


I see that IBM has signed up Dun & Bradstreet for a honkin' big seven-year, $180 million outsourcing agreement, which isn't entirely IT-oriented, but helps me make a point anyway. 🙂

I analyzed the raw results of an IT outsourcing survey done recently by Interestingly, although the mean size of the deals was close to $33 million, the median was closer to $900,000. (Half of the projects reported in the survey came below that number and half above.) And nearly a third of the projects were less than $100,000 in value. If you want to read the full results, as analyzed by Enterprise Sysetms writer Stephen Swoyer, you'll find the two parts of the survey here and here. The site says it'll make a PDF version of the results available in November.

Although the biggest deals make the headlines, that's not where the action is necessarily happening, nor where the most interesting work is being done.


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