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Information Week's "In Search of a Healthier Help Desk" is a brief case study by the manager of a help desk function for a huge healthcare agency in Wales. According to Anne Martin, an IT support and development manager for Conwy & Denbighshire NHS Trust, the organization decided to bring the outsourced function back in house when the contract was up for renewal. (I've sent her email to try to elicit what that decision-making process was.)

The team in charge of the effort began a search for software to help manage the help desk.:

It needed efficient call logging and management, so we could keep track of users' problems, and it needed accessible reporting features in order to manage IT staff resources. We wanted information to be easily found—within three clicks of the mouse—and we wanted it to easily integrate, preferably through standard Web technologies, into our human-resources and asset-management software. Because we're a health organization, we were naturally looking for something reasonably priced.

They eventually chose LiveTime, which performs asset management, problem management and service level agreement management. You can get demos of the software by registering on the site.


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