Job: Washington Mutual Needs a Sourcing Manager


Washington Mutual wants to hire a sourcing manager in its Seattle offices. This one must have been available for a while, but it's making the rounds again. I'm going to list the posting in its entirety because it's a good start for anybody who needs to compose a sourcing-related job description. Just copy, paste and modify. (Note that there's no reference to IT particularly in this; you'd need to add those aspects yourself.)

Work involves support of strategic sourcing activities, covering establishment of new supplier relationships, on-going management / assessment of existing supply relationships and effectiveness, evaluation of existing operational processes. Incumbents analyze, problem-solve information/operations needs and restructure processes by applying knowledge of strategic sourcing concepts and best practices. Depending on the assignment, an incumbent may be involved in a variety of activities covering: project coordination, supplier negotiations, financial analysis, operations research, operations analysis, user/system liaison and/or contract negotiations/drafting. The work requires knowledge of the cross business unit/functions, with a general knowledge of systems technology as applied to business problem-solving, and an understanding of strategic sourcing theory and practice.

Essential Job Functions:

1. Sourcing strategy:

a) definition of requirements and stakeholders
b) operational research to determine industry trends and possibilities
c) document alternatives and highlight strengths and weaknesses
d) coordinate the development of target sourcing approach

2. Data gathering and analysis:

a) gather, compile, and review information and data
b) develop and evaluate cost model and determine expense drivers
c) identify revenue drivers and possible growth opportunities
d) assemble recommendations and characterize alternative options
e) create and maintain KPI tracking for sourcing initiatives

3. Reviewing contractual status and evaluate:

a) gather existing contractual framework
b) highlight issues and concerns
c) execute WaMu standard process and procedures for the completion of
required transactions
d) assemble and maintain contractual drafts and other supporting

4. Competitive sourcing program:

a) draft RFX documentation
b) execute WaMu standard process and procedures for the completion of
competitive sourcing transactions
c) facilitate RFX process and vendor, Business line, stakeholder engagement

5. Vendor issues and inquiries:

a) research the impact that changing regulations, mergers and acquisitions,
new products or promotions and corporate policies/procedures may have
b) pursue vendor / business line issue escalation
c) facilitate integration between business line and vendor
d) support business line through execution of standard WaMu Vendor
Management Model

6. Practice Management:

a) participate in project activities including prioritizing, developing
schedules, determining resources, preparing plans, data and
documentation, and resolving issues
b) may lead project activities including assigning and ensuring the
completion of tasks, determining project schedule and resolving project
c) conduct or facilitate meetings attended by a variety of technical, non-
technical and supervisory/management staff
d) manage assigned resources


  • Bachelors degree
  • Up to five years work experience either working for a management consulting company or working for strategic sourcing group (preferably in a banking/financial services environment)

To learn more about the company and apply, go here. Plug "sourcing manager" into the keyword search and the job should appear in the Job List.