The Hyper-competitive Nature of Indian Students


Nothing practical about the article; but if you're interested in reading about Indian students and how hard they really work to achieve enrollment in an IT school — and how successful alumni are in the outside world — Bloomberg News published this account, which was republished in The Journal News.

The reason it struck me as interesting is because of something I read in the November 2004 issue of Fast Company, which published its "Fast Forward 2005," which offers 101 "people, ideas and trends that will change how we work and live in 2005."

Item number 4 is "Ready to Play Hardball?": "The idea is that success today is defined by constantly attacking competitors, directly and indirectly, to maintain an edge. Increasingly, only hardball competitors will survive, so softballers take heed."

I'm not competitive. I'm definitely a softballer. My thinking is, if somebody else wants something more than I do, they should get it — because I'm not going to fight dirty, nor illegally, nor to the last breath. Yet, if I were an IT person and I were reading about Indian students, I think I'd probably figure out a way to get up for a 4 a.m. study session myself. That isn't dirty fighting, nor illegal, nor taking the last breath. That's just about staying in the game.


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