Offshoring Boosting Onshore IT Salaries


According to a report on, the high-profile failures of some offshoring initiatives have helped boost some IT salaries in the US. That's the conclusion of consultancy Foote Partners LLC after surveying 4,5000 IT workers and 1,860 employers. Interestingly, the salary boosts aren't where I would have predicted — in project management or design areas; they're in networking, messaging, groupware and applications development.

The story quotes David Foote, chief research officer:

"Similarly, many first-time offshore outsourcers are reporting less than encouraging experiences: “[O]ffshore outsourcing has proven to be far riskier and tougher to succeed at than had been anticipated, in part due to employee retention issues, especially when workers tasked with knowledge transfer and vendor management are involved."

You can read the article, "Offshore Outsourcing Failures Boost Some IT Salaries," here.


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