The Biggest Outsourcing Deals are Now in Europe


Tekrati reports on IDC research that says more of the very largest outsourcing contracts last year were signed in Europe than signed in the US. Yet US outsourcing firms are getting the bulk of that type of business.

"Europe Dominated Top 100 Outsourcing Wins in 2003, Says IDC" reports that the top outsourcing deals reached $66.1 billion in 2003 — with more than half of that value being contracted by European companies. Several mega-deals totaling more than a billion dollars were signed in the UK alone. Primary activity happened in four sectors: central government, financial markets, communications and media, and discrete manufacturing.

The five companies that signed the biggest deals, in order of business value, were IBM, CSC, EDS, Accenture and BT. Of these, only BT has headquarters outside of the US.


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