Informing IT Staff about Outsourcing


Wondering how one sizable company informed IT staff that outsourcing and offshoring were in the works?

According to "Wachovia e-mail suggests outsourcing tech," The Charlotte Observer said chief CIO Martin Davis sent an email to employees and executives earlier in January to communicate that the financial services firm had hired Gartner to "'assist us with a framework to decision [sic] outsourcing and offshoring opportunities' of certain functions within the unit."

The article states that "In coming months, Wachovia will update employees through memos, e-mails and town hall meetings, including next month's 'all-hands call' for IT employees."

IT staff probably knew this day was coming, since Mr. Davis was quoted in another article on last year as saying, "For decades the corporation has done outsourcing, but we've done little offshore compared to our competitors. We have to come to grips with the fact that we're global and have to source labor globally as well. We'll continue to look at offshoring and make wise decisions. Wachovia does take into consideration the impact on the community."

It'll be interesting to see how the latter considerations play out. Also, what always intrigues me is how to do the timing on these announcements. How do you keep morale up and work on track in the midst of organizational change happening all around? What are the steps to doing it right and well?