Scotland Firm Beats Indian Companies


Here's a country that doesn't get much coverage when the discussion focuses on offshoring: Scotland. "Scots software firm fights outsourcing," by Julia Fields in the Sunday Herald, profiles Glasgow-based Shian, which is gaining a number of contracts with US-based organizations..

Managing director Darren Murphy says the way his company competes against Indian firms is by making sure the comparison takes place 'at a project level." "We can deliver the project two times faster and with value added," he says. "The Indian firms will provide a client with exactly what they ask for. But that’s rarely what the customer really wants. We work closely with the client and put forward solutions they may not have thought of.”

Client Nodus Solutions, which provides technology services and clients to large companies, says it has stopped working with Indian firms because of the time difference. Says Mike Siegel, VP of Nodus, “Working with a team in Scotland means there is only a six-hour time difference and no language barriers to overcome.”


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