When Choosing a Consultant…


Should you hire a consulting firm that can't get its own Web site right?

I just read an article titled, "New venture to market RP as IT destination." Author Erwin Lemuel Oliva profiles a new endeavor (featuring a former Accenture partner and a director of an IT firm) that wants to "aggressively promote the Philippines as a 'premiere IT outsourcing destination.'" Sounds interesting to me. So I visited Outsource2Philippines.com, which expects to launch later this month but currently features a form on its home page allowing visitors to register, presumably to learn more about the company.

I filled out the required fields and pressed the Submit button. My entry was rejected because I hadn't included a middle initial. What? I never use my middle initial. OK, maybe it's a cultural thing and everybody in the Philippines uses a middle initial. So I added an "x" to that field and tried to resubmit.

This time, I was taken to a page that stated:

An ERROR occurred when you are inserting info to the fields
Pls Contact the Web Master- [email protected]

Was it possible they could see through my middle initial ruse? Or is it more likely these powerful individuals haven't tried out their own Web site?


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