The Risks in Outsourcing for 2005 from NASSCOM's Perspective


    R. Ravichandran in The Financial Express shares some conclusions from NASSCOM's study, "Outsourcing Challenges in 2005."

    According to the article, "privacy is expected to be a key issue for both customers and suppliers, which will come to the fore in 2005."

    Currently those companies in the US and non-US countries are expected to face problems in synthesizing [privacy] laws with the laws of countries from which the private information originates, the study pointed out.

    Other areas of challenge: contract disentanglement issues (particularly in a time of rising interest rates, which play havoc with risk calculations), suppliers' risks (aggravated during a period of increasing demand for their services), and a customer mandate that service providers prepare service auditor reports for Sarbanes-Oxley compliance.


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