A Failed Project on a Grand Scale


    Maybe I find project management so interesting, I'm captivated by articles on the topic. Or maybe I just like reading about failure. At any rate, I found InfoWorld's write-up about the FBI's failure to update its case management system fascinating.

    You'll find "How the FBI Blew It" here. This four-year, half-billion-dollar initiative failed to replace the FBI's mainframe and paper system.

    Author Eric Knorr based the article on Senate hearing notes, a report from the Department of Justice's Office of the Inspector General and interviews with the group president for SAIC, the contractor who was building the software for the project.

    Among the problems:

    • Shifting requirements.
    • Shifting management.
    • Mandates forced by the events of 9-11.
    • A possibly poor contract.
    • Pathetic communication.


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