Pharma Companies Get IT Support for Under $10k


    When a company with “Best Practices” in its name wants you to read its research, do you suppose it is truly “best practice” to make that reader go through a “shopping cart experience” to get at it — even when the price is $0.00? Whatever happened to a simple linking process? Oh, well. At least it didn’t ask me for my credit card number like another site recently did for its free download.

    Best Practices LLC just published a free white paper titled, “Outsourcing Trends for IT Services Supporting Pharma Sales & Marketing,” which provides some interesting details.

    The biggies in the pharmaceutical biz were questioned for this: Lilly, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Johnson-Johnson, GlaxoSmithKline, et al.

    Drilldown #1: Staffing for full-time IT employees ranged from about $9,600 to $46,000. The biggest outsourcers were on the low-end of the payscale.

    Drilldown #2: The most commonly mentioned vendors in this space were: Dendrite, C3i, Ajilon, Satyam, TCS and Spherion.

    Drilldown #3: 24×7 support only existed at 40% of the companies surveyed.

    The company wants you to buy the full report, but it’s $1,495. I’ll take what I can get for free.