Retiring IT Workers To Drive Outsourcing in Government


    If you’ve been pondering a career move to the service provider side — particularly one that has does a large proportion of its work in the government sector — you might want to wait just a couple of more years, and then move quickly.

    According to this coverage on CRN, based on research by INPUT, government IT spending will grow modestly through 2005 and 2006. Then in 2007, “the need for outsourced technical services, primarily caused by increased employee retirements, will drive profound increased spending through 2010.” It’s anticipated that the volume of spending will grow from $48 billion in fiscal year 2005 to $70 billion in 2010.

    James Krouse, an analyst on state and local government markets, was quoted as saying, “In about 3 years, we will see…state and local agencies…forced to find outside expertise to replace a retiring workforce. The only choice many of these agencies have will be to outsource non-competencies such as information technology services, which will open vast opportunities to IT contractors."


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