The Important Element in Outsourcing Call Center Ops


    Bill Heldman, sometime-columnist for the e-newsletter NW on Outsourcing, challenges companies to reconsider decisions to offshore customer service. In “Offshoring an inappropriate choice for call centers,” Mr. Heldman states, “Here's the takeaway for call-center managers considering an offshoring move: You must consider the important elements that your CSRs cover with your customers on a daily basis, and if one or more of those elements can't be expertly addressed when you offshore your call-center, better pick a more local geography.”

    In one example he cites (and posted on Network World Fusion here), Mobil Travel Guide decided to take its call-center activities to Canada, because US geography was an important element in the calls being handled and “as a former CIO for Mobil claims, Canadian teachers do a better job of teaching U.S. geography than U.S. teachers do.”

    You’ll eventually find the newsletter posted here.


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