The Real Reasons People Job-Hop in India


    It isn't more money driving people to job-hop in the BPO sector of India, according to survey results from Hill & Associates, a consulting firm. The survey, which was conducted either among 400 employees or 1,000 employees, depending on which article you read, suggests that people become dissatisfied with job content and lack of growth. Hill and Associates country manager Ashish Sonal concludes, "These are more often than not caused by unmet expectations, an aspirational mismatch and physiological problems."

    Apparently, said Mr. Sonal, in their employment advertising, companies were "selling the moon but that is not what they will eventually go and do."

    Here are the articles:

    Of course, the problems feed on themselves. As long as it's incredibly competitive to track down and attract truly qualified candidates, companies will lure them any way they know how. And responses to that competitiveness will continue building up candidates' hopes and dreams.

    That's why companies like Tecnovate stand out. They're pursuing new and innovative strategies for attracting and motivating staff, as profiled in this brief piece that ran in Business 2.0's February 2005 issue.

    One interesting stat referenced in one of the survey articles:

    The BPO industry fed 4.1% of India's gross domestic product in the last fiscal year. That's a huge amount. As a comparison — though lame, I know — the US agriculture industry — a huge business! — fed only 1.4% of the US GDP over the same period.


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