5 SLA Tips


    More on telecom SLAs, this time in the March 2005 issue of Network Magazine. Justin Castillo, who has written so well on the topic before, offers 5 tips in “Five Habits For SLA Effectiveness.” I think some of this stuff just plain applies to any SLA — telecom or otherwise.

    1. “Never blindly sign the carrier’s standard agreement. A source at a major carrier revealed that 80 percent of customers sign the vendor’s standard agreement….” This can make for a one-sided agreement.

    2. “Never ignore the service guide.” This is where Mr. Castillo says you’ll find many “one-sided provisions,” so don’t ignore it.

    3. “Know your traffic patterns.” Don’t rely on the carrier for this information.

    4. “Think long-term.” Don’t give up reasonable pricing a year from now because you’re desperate to cut costs this quarter.

    5. “Be wary of strategic partnerships.” You may not be getting the best deal from your so-called “partner.”

    Details aplenty in the story.


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