The "Asian Century" and Tech Trends in China


    The looming presence and influence of China in world events seems to be coming to a head, with a slew of articles appearing everywhere on the topic.

    Part of that is attention to the announcement that China and India have formed a “strategic partnership” to boost trade and resolve a border dispute. But other articles provide fodder for the idea that China’s time for world domination in one form or another is at hand in this century, even though its march to that dominant position will, no doubt, be filled with typical historic fits and starts.

    But I digress… 🙂 Here’s coverage of the outsourcing angle.

    This story in expressindia shares some of the results of a report published by the International Finance Corporation, the World Bank’s private sector funding arm. Titled, “The [Information and Communications Technology] landscape in the PRC: market trends and investment opportunities in China,” sizes up the China market in terms of high tech, telecom, outsourcing, online gaming and other areas.

    As a comparison to the Indian IT outsourcing industry, the article cites these facts:

    In India, top software outsourcer employees almost 30,000 people and has total revenues of more than $1 billion, with over 90% of resources devoted to software outsourcing. This stands in stark contrast to China's largest software group, Neusoft, which has 6,000 employees and total revenue of $265 million, with only 10% of its revenue derived from software outsourcing. DHC, one of the largest pure-play software outsourcing firms in China, has just 1,700 employees and revenues of $33.9 million.

    Indian companies are attracted to business in China, says the article, especially “in view of its proximity to Japan and access to skill sets (language) to better target Japan.” Japan makes up 61% of the revenue in China’s IT outsourcing customer base.