Change or Die


    I confess: I love Fast Company magazine. If I were the sort of person who could beg, I’d beg for a job from them. But, to be honest, I get a lot of magazines, all competing for one reason or another for my attention. Sometimes even my issues of Fast Company begin to stack up. Not this latest issue.

    The May 2005 issue offers this on its cover:

    Change or Die.

    What if you were given that choice? For real. What if it weren't just the hyperbolic rhetoric that conflates corporate performance with life and death? Not the overblown exhortations of a rabid boss, or a slick motivational speaker, or a self-dramatizing CEO. We're talking actual life or death now. Your own life or death. What if a well-informed, trusted authority figure said you had to make difficult and enduring changes in the way you think and act? If you didn't, your time would end soon — a lot sooner than it had to. Could you change when change really mattered? When it mattered most?

    If you’re intrigued by the topic of surviving change, encouraging change, ensuring lasting change, read this piece. It’ll depress you. It’ll enlighten you.


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