Gates "Stupid" Remark Wasn't Just a Toss-Off


    We’ve all read Bill Gates’ recent comments about eliminating the barrier on H-1B visas. It’s been covered in just about every IT site out there, from Cnet to ZDnet. I have a friend who attended the talk at which Mr. Gates made his “stupid” remark. Apparently, he made the “stupid” remark several times.

    Here’s what my friend — a former newspaper reporter — reported to me:

    …Gates, in answer to a question, emphatically stated that the bulk of Microsoft's operations will remain in the U.S. I *was* struck, however, by his vehement opposition to limitations on the number of H1B visas the feds allow. He must've returned to the topic 4 or 5 times. I knew he was interested in it, but didn't realize his passion for the topic. "We're just keeping smart people out of the country,"– he made that comment, or variations of it, at least three times that I remember. He said Microsoft can't fill all its vacancies right now, which I guess doesn't speak well of American Universities (or speaks very well of foreign ones).


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