Savings in Development Costs a Myth


    ComputerWorld author Mary Brandel offers an article on outsourcing with some useful observations, primarily in the related sidebars.

    The ‘O’ Word Reconsidered” quotes John Wade, CIO at Saint Luke's Health System in Kansas City, MO: “The idea that you're going to save 70% to 80% in development costs is a myth… You have to help guide [offshore providers] through the process, and with the additional overhead, savings are more like 20% to 30%."

    Says sourcing maven Michael Corbett, “If your job is reacting to e-mails requesting change to pieces of code, that's content work that can be done anywhere by skilled people….” He advises techies to seek “context” jobs — “those in which you need to understand how technology connects to the user.”

    More in the story — and sidebars.