Webinar: Making Best Value Sourcing Decisions


    Procuri, which provides “enterprise supplier management solutions,” is hosting a Webinar on Thursday, May 19, at 8 a.m. Pacific time. It’s titled “Making Best Value Sourcing Decisions.” Here’s the description:

    Would you ever buy a car based solely on price? Probably not. Just as there are many non-price factors to evaluate when buying a car, such as color, size, gas mileage, etc., the goods and services your company attains should not be sourced based on price alone.

    Join Dallas Stevens, vice president of Professional Services, as he demonstrates how strategic sourcing can be used to enable the quickest and most effective route to Best Value Decision Making. He will explore the aspects of making a decision based on both price and non-price factors. He will discuss the importance of Total Cost of Ownership and the barriers and opportunities in optimizing your sourcing decision process.

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