Who Wouldn't Want to Outsource VoIP?


    In the last week, two people I’ve met with by phone were doing it via voice over IP or VoIP. The first caller, based across the country from me, might has well have been calling from the moon as far as latency. Each time I spoke, I interrupted him and vice versa. The second caller was just down the foothills from me about 70 miles. No latency problems, but the static was fairly bad. At times, her part of the conversation was just plain garbled. One day, we’ll no doubt say to ourselves, remember POTS?

    That’s why I found this article from Networking Pipeline of interest: “Should You Outsource VoIP Or Manage It In-house?

    Author Matthew Friedman opens with: “VoIP will be a given…” If that’s true, the death of assumed good service has surely begun.

    But I digress…

    The people quoted by Mr. Friedman make a point of explaining that voice services delivered this way is hard. You’ll probably have to update your network. That means capital equipment outlay and training for IT people. You may find your company buying into equipment — like Cisco — that it isn’t capable of supporting with the staff you have already.

    In other words, all signs point to going with a managed service. Let the service provider grapple with the hard stuff. The article doesn’t provide details about how to make sure your provider can support VoIP. We’ll keep searching for information about that topic.