Don't Forget To Put Telecom Issues into the To-Do List


    Here’s something that hadn’t really occurred to me: When you’re going through a major outsourcing initiative that involves the movement of personnel to another company, make sure you have a plan that encompasses what happens to the telecom bills generated by those people.

    According to Kevin Dunetz in Network Magazine’sTelecom Bills: An Untapped Gold Mine,” the lack of an audit process for telecom bills makes them ripe for overcharging in one form or another. If the IT department is in charge of placing orders for services and circuits, and suddenly, the person who handles that has been moved to a service provider, who’s in charge of making sure the spigots get turned off internally? Probably, the finance folks won’t even know it needs to get done; and an IT manager may be so beleaguered with transition issues, that this one will get shunted aside and eventually forgotten.

    Mr. Dunetz’s advice: know what you have in your network — including for remote locations, mobile workers and telecommuters. For the details, link through.