First India/Pakistan Joint Venture involves Offshore Service Providers


    India-based Tata Consultancy Services has made a grand move to partner with Pakistan-based Techlogix Inc. to provide software training classes for techies in Lahore.

    According to Washington Post reporter S. Mitra Kalita, this is the “first formal joint venture between major companies from the rival nations.”

    TCS’ head, Jayant V. Pendharkar considers this a test of the waters to find out how practical it will be to open a software development facility in Pakistan.

    The article says that TCS needs approval from India’s central bank and from Pakistani regulators “before finalizing the investment.”

    Why is this such a big deal? I suppose it’s akin to a joint venture happening between a behemoth like Microsoft and some tiny company in Cuba. The implications are both political and economic.

    Of course, it makes sense. TCS is probably on the prowl worldwide for pockets of people to staff operations. Why not hit up the country next door — even if you have been at war with them for nearly 60 years? From what I can tell, peace arrives through many windows and doors.


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