Outsourcing is Scary to Some, Sure — But Not to Me…


    The June 27, 2005 issue of InformationWeek provides a bit of interesting data on outsourcing. It surveyed 12,158 IT professionals — split fairly evenly among staff and management — about outsourcing in their organizations: It scares ’em but not enough to feel insecure about their current positions.

    Forty-five percent said no outsourcing was taking place in their companies; another 20% said work was being outsourced to US companies; 14% said it was going to offshore companies; 16% said their firms were using a combination of onshore and offshore service providers. (Another 5% said they didn’t know if their companies were outsourcing in any form.)

    Nearly 70% said outsourcing was making fewer IT jobs available; 61% said it reduced employee morale; about a third said outsourced meant that their skills were valued less.

    In spite of the fears, only 15% of staff and 11% of management considered their present job “insecure.”

    You can find the charts here.


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