Thriving in the Outsourcing Transition


    Last week’s ComputerWorld article, titled, “From the Front Lines of an Outsourcing Deal,” doesn’t really address whether author Gerardo Estrada will endure the HP layoff storm also announced last week.

    Mr. Estrada joined HP from Procter & Gamble when the latter company signed a 10-year IT services agreement with HP in 2003. The deal involved the transfer of 1,850 P&G employees over to HP.

    But whether Mr. Estrada, who moved from Mexico to Costa Rica shortly after the transition to take a new position within HP, survives the cut, he’ll land on his feet. In his story, he offers some good advice for people facing their own outsourcing-related transition:

    1. Keep a strong focus on your professional objectives and continue building your personal core competencies.
    2. Embrace change.
    3. Keep an open mind about joining an organization where things are done in a different way — not necessarily better or worse, but just different.
    4. If I could give IT outsourcing vendors' one piece of advice, it would be this: In addition to the standard approach to employee transition, which is to integrate new employees into the new culture through a series of programs, they should also truly understand the set of values the incoming employees bring with them.

    Read the article for the drilldowns on each of these.