Some Tools of Outsourcing


    I recently subscribed to an email newsletter published by Accelerance (and more specifically, Steve Mezak) that I wanted to give a plug for.

    Although “Runtime – The Software Outsourcing Newsletter” is intended for “executives and investors,” I’d say the actual readers are probably software engineers who want to get inside the head of Mr. Mezak to find out what tools and processes he uses in his offshored development work. (According to the Web site, his company has partnerships with 14 development teams around the world.)

    Last week’s column is the one that’s inspiring me to write this entry. It’s titled, “Software to Help Your Outsourcing.”

    Mr. Mezak gives nuggets about 10 different products or services that can aid the outsourcing development process, from FortressWare, which is “working on a new product that protects your source code IP and data from internal compromise” to Version One, which “simplifies the process of planning, tracking, analyzing, and scaling of agile software development.”

    This is a newsletter worth subscribing to. You can check out the archive list of topics here.


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