Supported in the U-S-of-A


    MPC Computers is trying something new and different in its marketing campaigns that we may start seeing in other ads from other companies if it looks like it’s working. The headline on the ad I saw in eWeek said: “100% U.S. BASED SERVICE AND SUPPORT.” The supporting text beneath the image of a smiling man on the phone says, “…At a time when most other PC companies are outsourcing their service and support to other countries, we’re keeping our staff right here in the U.S. Our support reps sit right next to our product engineers — not in a different hemisphere…This efficient U.S.-based service and support demonstrates our commitment to provide with great service and support…”

    The URL on the ad (which sports a smiling woman) goes here.

    This article published on the MPC Web site says that the company consolidated its support personnel to offices in Nampa, Idaho in December 2003. No word on where the computers are manufactured.


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