Fast Company Ponders the Effect of International Innovation


    I’m an unabashed fan of Fast Company (and, Lord, I hope they remain intact under their new ownership…). So that’s why I readily agreed to take a survey they’ve just posted on the topic of creativity and innovation.

    So imagine my surprise when the first few questions peered into my set of opinions about the US vs. China and India.

    How would you answer a question like this?

    China's innovativeness is likely to lead to significant market share gains (relative to the US) in the following industries:

    • Information Technology
    • Automotive
    • Medicine
    • Biotechnology
    • The Internet
    • Entertainment


    Thinking about the United States' ability to drive innovation in business, please rate the statements below.

    In the last five years, the US has lost its innovative edge to:

    • China
    • India
    • European Union

    To be honest, I don’t really believe the typical American knowledge worker much thinks about competing against India or China. But we should be. Pushing our organizations to nimbleness and innovation is a challenge, for sure. Who among the executives you know really want to hear the truth from the staffs they manage? But if we’re not part of the solution, as you well know, we’re part of the problem.

    Take the survey yourself here. (But, please, don’t enter your email address at the end. I want to win that iPod they’re giving away…)


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