Made in China


    Yesterday, I wrote about four service providers with offices in China that are trying to woo new business from American customers.

    Along with those presentations, I also learned about a set of tools that I’m going to blog about today, because it’s the first time I’ve heard about a software product created in China for an audience that isn’t strictly Chinese and that hasn’t been part of an outsourcing initiative.

    Hansky China, based in Beijing (specifically in Zpark), publishes four tools — Firefly, Butterfly, Dragonfly and Code Matrix — that aid in software development collaboration and project status management.

    Firefly, the company’s biggest seller, does software configuration management. Butterfly manages change requests. Dragonfly is a requirements management system. And Code Matrix performs line-of-code analysis.

    Users include the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, China Construction Bank, Haier New York Life, China Telecom, Lenevo, HP Consulting, Digital China, and a slew of other companies.

    Hansky works through a distributor in Santa Monica, CA to reach non-Chinese customers.

    If you’re doing a joint project with US and China teams, these tools — which use a single code base but whose interface can be switched between Chinese and English — may beat out more obvious choices, such as IBM Rational ClearCase, Borland StarTeam or Microsoft VSS. It’s also possible you may have reasons to consider these products even if Chinese developers aren’t part of the equation. (In fact, if I didn’t know better and I missed the small Chinese characters in the upper right corner of the Web site, there’s little to inform me that these offerings come from a Chinese company.)

    Hansky in the US can be reached at (408) 852-0539.


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