Pace of Growth Maintains in Bangalore


    Associated Press reporter S. Srinivasan writes that Bangalore software and backoffice operations grew by 20% in the last six months, to $2.05 billion, according to the director Software Technology Parks of India, a government organization.

    Along the way, 57 foreign companies opened offices in the city and invested $209 million.

    Overall, said the director, growth was expected to be about 30% for the year.

    India's revenue from Western outsourcing was $17.2 billion in the fiscal year ended March 2005, which makes Bangalore's contribution sizable.

    Want to stay tuned to what’s happening in the IT arena of Bangalore? Then check out this rather *colorful* “official” Web site, produced by the Department of Information Technology and Biotechnology. (Gosh! I never knew reading government orders and notifications could be so — um — fun!)


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