Grab Bag of Karen's Recent Clippings


    I've got a backlog of clippings to post.

    Item #1 from the 8/23/05 issue of Australian IT, describing a Sydney dinner attended by some 250 of Australia's business elite on the occasion of Indian Independence Day. Gartner research director Partha Iyengar, who's based in Pune, said that "Indian technology companies need to take decisive steps to internationalise their management and culture if they are to compete with the likes of IBM and EDS." One wonders if IBM is nimble enough to pull another Gerstner-era "makeover." (Here I allude to something Thomas Friedman mentioned in his book, The World is Flat.),7204,16323124%5E15302%5E%5Enbv%5E,00.html

    Item #2 from the 9/1/05 issue of The Financial Times. Khozem Merchant describes Jamshed Irani's efforts to overhaul India's 50-year old companies law. (Irani is an executive with Tata Group.)

    Item #3 from the 8/29/05 issue of Infoworld: David Margulius' excellent article, "10 Ways to Get Offshoring Right." #4: Fix your process before offshoring it.

    Item #4 from Thomas Friedman's The World is Flat. "China's Britney Spears is Bill Gates. America's Britney Spears is Britney Spears." Think about it. I just finished reading Friedman's 469 page book, and it's worth its bestseller status. (I took four pages of notes.)

    Item #5 from the Fall issues of CFO-IT. "Customer Disservice?" Norm Alster focuses on the downside of offshore outsourcing of customer service. "…the practice of outsourcing customer service to offshore call centers is beginning to look like a classic example of a good idea carried too far."

    Item #6 from the September issue of Customer Interaction Solutions. "Convergys: From Outsource Provider To Global Full-Service Outsourced Solutions Provider." An interview with the president fo Convergys' Customer Management Group.


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