Improving The Call Center Process


    If you are looking at outsourcing phone-based customer service to a call center, it’ll behoove you to read “The skill of handling irate customers,” an article from Express Computer intended for those who work in the center, but revealing for those evaluating potential service providers. The article will give you a framework for understanding what basic kinds of processes should be in place at a provider site to handle aggrieved customers.

    For example, here’s advice on what to do with those recordings made of customer calls:

    Information recorded on such calls must be analysed on an ongoing basis—weekly or monthly depending on the frequency of complaints, and corrective actions must be prompt. It is also important to close loop the process and provide inputs to the training function so that they can incorporate insights into their training programmes.In other words, continually improve the call center process by evaluating the results generated by the current process. Don't let it slide.The article suggests that post-customer-call surveys be managed by the client organization. If the analysis is done right, that will, in turn, provide more fodder for improving the process.


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