Improving Outsourcing’s Brand Image


    Ah! Others have taken it upon themselves to see what we can do about outsourcing’s image. (Brand: Outsourcing) The International Association of Outsourcing Professionals is hosting a free Webinar on the topic on Dec. 14, 2005 at 10 a.m. Pacific time, 1 p.m. Eastern time.

    Should be an interesting one, though I can think of one guest the program should include that it probably won’t. Here’s who it features: Atul Vashistha, the articulate CEO of neoIT, an offshoring advisory service; Michael Corbett, who founded the IAOP and runs Michael F. Corbett & Associates, an advisory and conference service; and Robert Lundquist, former head of sourcing for “one of the world’s largest global providers of integrated information services.”

    The Webinar will address how the negative aspects of outsourcing’s reputation affect client organizations, as well as the profession of outsourcing. Great topic.

    So who is the roster missing? Somebody — anybody — not a part of the industry (such as a reporter for a major daily or a pollster), who can speak to what the impressions of the outside world really are, and why those impressions might exist. Otherwise, we’re all going to be talking just to what we imagine the problem to be.

    At any rate, you can sign up here:


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