The Highly Charged Issue of Outsourcing


    To protest the outsourcing his bank does, Don Rogers paid his last Visa bill in 985 installments — pennies at a time. That produced a charge card statement that was 35 pages long and half an inch thick, according to this Globe and Mail article.

    Wait! Before you discount this as just another story about an irate, unemployed US techie decrying the offshoring of work, you should know the facts.

    Don Rogers lives in Kingston, Ontario — that’s Canada — and he wanted to protest the outsourcing of credit card processing functions by his bank to a US service provider. He’s afraid that under the Patriot Act, “US authorities could potentially gain access to his personal information…”

    The payment ploy won him a phone audience with the CEO of the Citizens Bank of Canada as well as its privacy officer. But the bank won’t be canceling the contract it has in place with Columbus, GA-based Total Systems Services anytime soon.

    Aside from trying a repeat of his antics next month, Mr. Rogers, says the story, will be applying for recognition from the judges at Guinness as receiving the largest credit card bill ever recorded.