What a Letter to Santa Claus and a Plan for BPO World Domination Have in Common


    Want to know how China plans to go about getting a toehold in the dynamic business process outsourcing market?

    The People’s Daily Online, English edition published this article laying it out, as expressed by Jing Junhai, Director of the Administrative Committee of the Xi'an High-tech Development Zone.

    First, foster leading enterprises within the IT industry, which will guide related enterprises to transfer to business process outsourcing.

    Second, keep on improving infrastructure development and improve service awareness to create first-rate environment for BPO.

    Third, pay paramount attention to BPO talents training, and institute training plans.

    Fourth, push forward BPO development through preferential treatment.

    Fifth, put up legal framework, system for intellectual property protection and data protection.

    Ingenious, eh?

    Reading it reminds me of the straightforward simplicity of my son’s letter to Santa Claus this year. We sat down together, and he dictated the introduction, which included the message that he’d “tried to be good this year.” Then, I asked him what he wanted for Christmas, so I could those items.

    “A blue remote control excavator.”

    No surprise. He’d been telling us that for three weeks.

    What else?

    “Nothing. A blue remote control excavator. That runs on batteries.”

    That’s all?

    Long moment of silence.


    With that kind of clear-cut commitment to the plan, both my son and Director Jing are bound to succeed.

    P.S. If you know where I could obtain a blue excavator that runs on batteries, couldya let me know — and I'll pass it along to Santa? Thanks.


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