India at the WTO


    The International Herald Tribune reports on one area where India expects to push hard this week's World Trade Organization ministerial talks in Hong Kong.

    India is seeking to codify the rules on outsourcing” says that India will push wealthier countries to “make a commitment not to enact legislation that would prohibit offshore services like call centers and software development. It is also urging them to make it easier for outsourcing companies to send employees to the West on temporary visits to manage customer relations and to sell, install, maintain and service their products.”

    Currently, in the US all 50 states have some form of legislation being considered that would restrict the forms of outsourcing or offshoring that can take place. Likewise, security measures and legislative decisions have made it tougher for people to get work-related visas for brief visits to the US.

    Negotiations could turn, according to reporter Anand Giridharadas, on India’s loosening of restrictions on foreign investment.