Attack in India Points Up Risk of Success


    Bangalore’s Indian Institute of Science campus was the site of a shooting last week by one or more gunmen who killed one mathematics professor and injured four others. Police have picked up a suspect considered to be the mastermind behind the attack, who, according to this report in The Times of India, is linked to Lashkar-e-Taiba, a Pakistan terrorist organization. (Pakistan and India have battled for decades over the issue of control of the state of Kashmir.)

    ZDNet discusses the ramifications of the raid in “Terror shadow stalks ‘India’s Silicon Valley,’” in terms of risk for Bangalore and other tech-concentrated regions of the country. Viewed as “symbols of success,” the article quotes an analyst from India’s external intelligence agency, “Bangalore and the rival tech centers of Hyderabad and Chennai were prime targets as they were symbols of India’s technological might and economic progress…”

    Bangalore has about 1,500 back office and technical firms and is known as the country’s “Silicon Valley.”

    The article quotes an editorial published last week in the Times of India: "The country is waking up to a new reality–its success in IT and concomitant economic boom has excited malice in certain quarters, who would like to attack symbols of that success."