Call Center Metrics


    Zinnov’s blog has an informative posting if you’re somewhat new to call center metrics. (I am, so I found it interesting.) Analytics consultant Vipul Gupta shares some of the "critical metrics" that call centers track:

    • Adherence
    • After Call work Time
    • Average Abandonment time
    • Average Handle Time
    • Average Hold Time
    • Average Queue Time
    • Average Speed of Answer
    • Average Talk Time
    • Occupancy
    • Abandon Rate
    • Percent Blocked Calls
    • First Call Resolution
    • Percent of Calls Transferred
    • Percent Offered Calls Answered
    • Service level
    • Total Calls Offered

    Wondering what some of these metrics are? Then read the white paper that’s referenced at the end of the post. You’ll find explanations for each.



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