China Holidays in 2006


    In honor of the Chinese New Year (and because I’ve provided a calendar of India holidays for 2006), I thought we should do the same for China. (If you know the holiday schedule for Russia, the Philippines or other common offshoring destinations, I’d appreciate your sending the dates to me at dian (at) We’ll post them and give you a gold star online!)

    This comes from a contact who has worked with a China team, but he’s not located in China. If there are additions, speak up and I’ll modify the schedule.

     Date  Day  Name of the Holiday
     Jan 2  Mon  New Year
     Jan 28  Sat  Day preceding Lunar New Year
     Jan 30 Mon   Second day of Lunar New Year
     Jan 31 Tue   Third day of Lunar New Year
     Apr 5 Wed   Ching Ming Festival
     Apr 14 Fri   Good Friday
     Apr 15 Sat   Day following Good Friday
     Apr 17 Mon   Easter Monday
     May 1 Mon   Labour Day
     May 5 Fri  The Buddha’s Birthday
     May 31 Wed   Tuen Ng Festival
     July 1 Sat   Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Establishment Day
     Oct 2 Mon   Day following National Day
     Oct 7 Sat   Day following Chinese mid-Autumn Festival
     Oct 30 Mon   Chung Yeung Festival
     Dec 25 Mon   Christmas Day
     Dec 26 Tue   First weekday after Christmas Day

    Note: Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Establishment Day is specific to that area.