Webcast: Working with India: What To Know before You Go


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Featured Speakers
Dr. Karine Schomer, President and India Practice Leader, Change Management Consulting & Training, LLC
Dr. Bert Dollahite, Vice President, Oracle Corporation

Are you fully prepared for your first business trip to India or to work with your India-based offshore team?

Understanding cultural differences can change how you approach business relationships, establish trust, negotiate and motivate, and manage your project.

Sixty minutes worth of cultural training will help you avoid costly and damaging cross-cultural blunders and become more effective in your outsourcing engagement with India.

In this interactive Web briefing, you\’ll learn about business customs and protocol, skills for successful communication and negotiation, and strategies for working with Indian teams.

Dr. Schomer and Dr. Dollahite will share their insights and give you practical tips on:

  • How to build a personal rapport with your Indian colleagues.
  • What to expect from face-to-face meetings.
  • How to bridge differences in communication styles.
  • How to support the deliverables and processes you need for success.