China Software Outsourcing Market Nearly Doubles from 2004 to 2005


China’s software outsourcing market grew 45.3% year over year in market volume, according to a new report by China-based market research firm CCID Consulting. The “2005-2006 Annual Report on China’s Software Outsourcing Industry” shows that China’s software outsourcing market surged from $633 million in 2004 to $920 million in 2005.

Named as the largest software and solution provider was Neusoft Group, which increased its international transactions from 2004’s $33 million to $63 million for 2005. That represents about 6.8% of the China’s software outsourcing market. The company has about 2,900 employees in its software outsourcing operation, with centers in Shenyang, Dalian, Chengdu and Nanhai, among other locations.