What Are Your Costs for Email?


    An interesting debate is taking place over on the blogs of ZDNet.com regarding whether to outsource email operations or not.

    On the pro side of outsourcing it is Phil Wainewright, who says, "I’ve come to the conclusion that most people who are in favor of keeping email in-house are simply prejudiced."

    On the keep-it-in-house side resides George Ou, who shares eight myths about outsourcing email, such as: "All the outsourcing experts say in-house Email cost too much.  As someone who built these systems for a living, I can authoritatively tell you that it isn’t true… It just doesn’t make any sense to pay $45 per user per month for a severely bandwidth-constrained off-site Email server."

    If you’re pondering the prospect one way or the other, you might want to check in to these postings to add fuel to your decision-making. Neither of these folks really lays out the full costs of outsourcing vs. in-house, but they’ll remind you about expenses that you may not have considered in your calculations.



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