Going Global To Become Agile


    NeoIT, which now sports the tagline, "Intelligent Transformation," has issued a new position paper on the topic of services globalization. The point of the report is to persuade companies that it’s high time they gave thought to going global in order to achieve business agility.

    To be honest, this one is a bit of a dull read — lots of business-bingo-speak — but the central theme is important. If you’re in an industry that’s evolving (read: practically everybody), you can tap different areas of expertise around the world to achieve your business goals. That includes getting closer to your customers, evolving product lines faster, finding new ways to remove expense from operations.

    But going global doesn’t come easy. You introduce new forms of risk into the equation. What if your domestic team really can’t understand what the offshore team is telling them about project status? What if attrition rates skyrocket unexpectedly among staff that’s just been newly trained at great expense? And so on.

    The report includes some best practices:

    • Adopt a transformation approach.
    • Create a global services strategy framework that makes sense for your overall business strategies.
    • Follow a process in managing the sourcing work.
    • Assign an "A" team to manage the delivery of the services.
    • And leverage external expertise. (Well, they had to get a commercial in there somewhere!)

    For the full rundown, you can download your copy here: