Call Centers in Mexico


    This in from Datamonitor:

    Mexico is expected to remain an offshore contact center location of choice for US investors, according to Datamonitor research. The report, "Mexico: A Solution for the US Hispanic Market," said Mexico’s future in the outsourcing of customer care services is secure, due not just to a growing Hispanic population in the US but also to the rise of household incomes among Spanish-speakers.

    This is driving demand from US-based companies who wish to service their Hispanic-American clients. However, the report also alluded to the growth of other players in Latin America that will be a competitive threat to Mexico for US Spanish-speaking work in the future. According to the report, Argentina and Chile among others are aggressively targeting the North American market, as are smaller countries including Costa Rica, Dominican Republic and Panama.

    From an estimated 33,500 today, Datamonitor expects call center agent positions in Mexico, both offshore and domestically outsourced, to rise to nearly 80,000 by 2010, equating to 18% compounded annual growth. Principal growth drivers include an ever-growing domestic market, as well as demand from the United States for multi-lingual, commercially sophisticated agents.