Global Sky Offers Twist on Call Center Ops for Control-Hungry Managers


Most small companies outsource their operation to a call center that they’ve spoken to only over the phone. “It…still is a reality that small to medium sized companies could outsource a vital piece of their operation to a call center being run out of a basement,” says James Stinson, CEO of Global Sky, a Philippines based call center.

Unlike traditional call centers that bill by the hour per agent, Global Sky bills by the hour per seat. They leave it up to you to hire and manage your own agents from their Manila office, which is set up for inbound and outbound calling to places such as the US, Canada, Australia and UK. “We give you a solid foundation to run your own call center operation. The solution is not for everyone — but control hungry entrepreneurs love it.”

Not only do clients benefit from the added control, but, according to Stinson, seat leasing costs significantly less than a full service solution. The average all-inclusive cost of outsourcing to places like India or the Philippines, he said, is $10 to $12 an hour. Global Sky leases its seats at $4 an hour. The average salary of a call center agent in Manila is $2 an hour. That means companies using Global Sky can expect to pay $6 per hour.

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