The Misguided Thinking Behind "China Containment"


    While I was visiting Beijing, Robert B. Reich, former Secretary of Labor and co-founder of The American Prospect, was writing about "The Fallacy of Chinese Containment."

    It’s a good, quickie read through and through. (OK, so I may not see great things happening for the country just because WalMart’s going there…).

    Got no time? Then at least read this paragraph:

    The best way to deal with China is to continue to let it prosper. The larger and more buoyant China’s middle class becomes, the less we have to fear. Prosperity is not a “zero-sum” game of winners and losers. We win if they win. A big Chinese middle class will buy more goods and services from America and the rest of the world. It will also want to avoid military belligerence that interferes in economic growth. And it will eventually demand democratic reforms.


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